Splitting maul

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SPALTMAUL - hammer and axe!


Our splitting maul´s head weighs 3kg (6.6 pounds) and is made from carbonsteel. The shaft is made from ashwood. The steel head consists of two pieces.

Both pieces weigh in at about 1,5kg (3.3pounds) each. The two pieces are combined to form the splitting maul with a weight of 3kg. It comprises a sturdy cover, protecting the wooden shaft from missed hits. The splitting maul is typically used for logs with a length of 1m (40inches). The splitting maul includes a hammer surface made of super durable polymer. Hence, the hammer can be used in combination with any wedge. 


When splitting smaller logs with a length of up to 50cm (20inches), the hammer piece can be detached from the splitting maul by loosening one M10-screw. This takes about 30 seconds. As a result, the weight of head of the tool is halfed to only 1,5kg. The splitting maul becomes a splitting axe. Now, it is much easier to swing the tool. In contrast to a usual axe our splitting axe has the big splitting angle of our splitting maul. Due to this, the blade can not get stuck in the log, if the log is not splitt by the first hit.


Christoph has developed this splitting maul following purely technical reasons. Nevertheless, the result ist an aesthetic tool, which is a great addition to every tool sheed and tool colletion. 

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