About us



Great, that You made it to our website! This is the only place, where You will find the DATUM-products. The following text will give You an impression of who we are, here at DATUM, and how it all came about. 


Christoph and Simon got to know each other on the farmers┬┤market in Trier, Germany. Here, Christophs spends his Friday mornings selling cheese from a lokal farm and Simon is one of his customers. However, selling cheese is only one of Christoph┬┤s many occupations. He looks back at ten years of experience in the bycicle industry, where he did everything from designing entire bikes, all the way to the manufacturing of the final parts. Drawing on his professional experience and being a proud owner of a wood buring oven, Christoph set out to improve a product, that has not seen much change over the past 3000 years: the splitting maul. 


Christoph presented the DATUM splitting maul in November 2017 to Simon. Simon really liked it and saw the advantages of Christophs invention right away. The three major advantages of the DATUM-tools are all listed here: the ideaQuickly, we decided to work together on getting this product known and out and about. Moreover, we decided to introduce further products to the market, all building on the same idea of how the wooden handle is fixed to the steel-head. 


Here at DATUM, it is our aim to build tools that last. And if necessary, DATUM-tools can be repaired by anyone, because repairing DATUM tools does not take a rocket scientist. So it is our hope to develop and build tools, that will be of use to You for a very long time. And in order to highlight this long lasting-aspiration of all DATUM tools, we imprint the production date (in german "datum") onto all of our tools. Hence, after having used Your DATUM tool over a really long time, You will always be able to determine for how long exactly You have been working with DATUM. 


We are always happy for You to contact us via e-mail (simon.drobig@datum-werkzeuge.de). Over the next couple of months we are bussy designing further tools such as a spade and a hoe. So, in case You would like to be informed as soon as the next DATUM tool is in store, just send us a quick mail and we will be in touch!


Thanks a lot for Your visit on the DATUM-website!


The DATUM-Team: Christoph and Simon